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After reviewing the most popular gold IRA companies, it becomes very clear that they differ immensely, which is why it is so important that you choose the best gold company for your needs, or you could end up paying greatly (see our reviews below).

Don’t just go with any company!

Before choosing a company to handle your gold IRA rollover or precious metals investing, it is critical that you do your research and be aware of these 3 important factors below.

3 Factors You Must Consider:

1 – Additional Fees and Hidden Fees

Some companies will charge additional storage fees and administrative fees when setting up your gold IRA.

What’s worse is that many companies will also have scaling admin fees which will go up as your account increases in value and cost you even more over the years.

It’s important that you do your research before making your investment. Our suggestion is that you ask about all of the fees beforehand.

Even if they tell you it’s a flat fee make sure you know the storage limit. If there is a storage limit and your account exceeds the limit, it may end up costing you thousands of dollars.

2 – Buyback Program for Precious Metals

Make sure the company you go with will in fact have a fair buy back program if you ever decide to liquidate your assets.

This is often something people do not consider initially but in the long run it’s best that your gold IRA or gold 401k rollover company has your best interest when buying as well as selling back your precious metals.

3 – Sales Tactics

Be aware of the direction that the sales representative is leading you. There have been many complaints from people who have dealt with companies that have tried to sell them on a type of precious metal or coin.

If you feel like your representative is pushing you to buy a specific coin it may be because they are getting a higher commission.

Use your best judgement and never commit to anything if you are dealing with a high pressure sales person. You’ll be thankful in the long run.

#1 Rated Gold IRA Company

After doing extensive research on how to safely invest in gold, we found that the highest rated and most reputable company is Regal Assets.

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Company: Regal Assets 

IRA Annual Fees: Flat and $0 – zero setup fees. Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.24.29 AM

BCA Rating: AAA rating with 1 complaint in last 3  years (click to view).

Trustlink Score: Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.01.57 AM 5 stars based on 484 reviews (click to view).

Phone number: 1-888-981-7121

Our Review: Regal Assets is highly experienced with creating investment strategies to best suite your needs. They are highly trusted by their clients and have top accreditations from business rating companies due to their excellent customer service, superior knowledge with precious metals investing and the best fee structures. Click to continue reading our Regal Assets review…

Why Regal Assets?

Here are a few of the reasons why Regal Assets is the #1 rated gold IRA company in the industry.

The Best Storage and Fee Structures

They use Brinks security company and have segregated storage. Their charge is $150 a year which is much better than their competitors who charge $225 per year. Most other companies do not offer a segregated storage option.

A Flat Administration Fee

This is a huge benefit. Many competitors charge scaling fees which can really add up!  The administration fee that Regal Assets charges for the entire year is just a flat $100.

They also will pay all of your first year dues on retirement accounts.

This alone can be a savings of over $500 which is often times payed by the client for most companies. Regal Assets will pay for the first years administration fee, setup fee, storage fee and even the delivery of your precious metals.

The Fastest Processing Time

Regal Assets is also particularly experienced in gold IRA’s. Their staff is highly knowledgeable on starting a new, or transferring a conventional IRA into a gold IRA with precious metals easily. Because Regal Assets is so experienced with gold IRAs, they are able to process them in a more efficient, timely  manner then most other companies, who can take months.

Another perk to Regal Assets excellent customer service is their 7 day delivery guarantee of precious metals sent to customers after the account funding. Again, making them one of the most efficient in the industry.

Regal Assets has also been ranked #20 on Inc. Magazine’s 500 list of financial service companies.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 2.31.36 PM


BBBA+ Rating and no complaints with the Better Business Bureau since March 10, 2013.


Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 10.25.55 AM5 Star Rating with Trust Link based on 333 reviews.

The outstanding customer feedback along with highly respectable awards shows that this company has the most trustworthy and responsible business practices.

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Why Invest in Gold?

With the state of the economy, the future strength of the U.S. dollar is extremely concerning.

Your dollars are worth 97% less than they once were, and in 10 years they may not even be worth the paper they’re printed on.

gold 401k rollover

Here Are Some Facts to Consider:

  • You cannot rely on a 9 to 5.
  • You cannot rely on a 401K.
  • You cannot rely on real IRA rollover
  • You cannot rely on the stock market.
  • You cannot rely on a savings account.
  • You cannot rely on social security.
  • You cannot rely on your government.
  • And you cannot rely on the dollars in your wallet.

The value of gold is continually increasing, and will always be a secure financial asset.

For over 6,000 years gold has never been worth zero.

Gold will continue to hit record highs over the next several years, if ANY of the following occurs:

  • Stock market failure.
  • More foreclosures.
  • Currencies fail (including foreign currencies).
  • Record unemployment rates continue.
  • Or, inflation and the national debt continue to spiral out of control.


Which Company Do We Recommend?

After reviewing the top gold companies in the industry, our #1 Rated Gold IRA Company is Regal Assets.

Give them a call: 1-888-981-7121

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Why Regal Assets?

  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • AAA Rating with the Business Consumer Alliance
  • 5 out of 5 star client rating and preferred membership status with TrustLink
  • Official retailer listed with the United States Mint
  • Rated #20 in the United States for financial services by Inc. Magazine

Regal Awards

The outstanding customer feedback along with highly respectable awards shows that this company has the most trustworthy and responsible business practices.

If that’s not enough, Regal Assets will also guarantee fast and efficient access to any gold ordered which is backed by a 7-day delivery guarantee.

Read Our Full Review Here

Getting started is simple, just follow these 3 steps:

1 – Call Regal Assets to Open a New Self Directed IRA

2 – Safely Fund Your New Gold IRA

3 – Choose The Right Precious Metals To Fit Your Retirement Plan


Still Have Questions?

Let Regal Assets give you clarity and earn your trust.

Testimonials | Recommended Packages | Phone Number: 1-888-981-7121


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