Regal Assets Review

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Regal Assets Review

Making any investment is a big decision, that’s why you’ll want to be sure to do your research with any company you’re thinking of using. You will want to be sure that the company is  reputable and trustworthy before making the commitment.

In your research for a gold investment company, give Regal Assets some serious thought. They are one of the top companies for investing in the precious metals industry. They are such a respected and highly regarded company that many top financiers in the industry consider them the best gold investment company to use.

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What Regal Assets Has To Offer:

Here are a few of the reasons why Regal Assets is the #1 rated gold IRA company in the industry.

The Best Storage and Fee Structures

They use Brinks and have segregated storage. Their charge is $150 a year which is much better than their competitors who charge $225 per year. Most other companies do not offer a segregated storage option.

A Flat Administration Fee

This is a huge benefit. Many competitors charge scaling fees which can really add up!  The administration fee that Regal Assets charges for the entire year is just a flat $100.

They also will pay all of your first year dues on retirement accounts.

This alone can be a savings of over $500 which is often times payed by the client for most companies. Regal Assets will pay for the first years administration fee, setup fee, storage fee and even the delivery of your precious metals.

7 Day Delivery Guarantee

Another perk to Regal Assets excellent customer service is their 7 business day delivery guarantee of precious metals sent to customers after the account funding. Again, making them one of the most efficient in the industry.

The Fastest Processing Time

Regal Assets is also highly experienced in gold IRA’s. Their staff is highly knowledgeable on starting a new, or transferring a conventional IRA into a gold IRA with precious metals easily. Because Regal Assets is so experienced with gold IRAs, they are able to process them in a more efficient, timely  manner then most other companies, who can take months.

Unlike other companies, Regal Assets has consistently top ratings from numerous respected rating companies. These Include:

Regal Assets has also been ranked #20 on Inc. Magazine’s 500 list of financial service companies.

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Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 10.25.55 AM5 Star Rating with Trust Link based on 398 positive reviews.


Regal Assets is highly experienced with creating investment strategies to best suite your particular needs. They are highly trusted by customers, and have top accreditation’s from business rating companies due to their excellent customer service, superior knowledge with precious metals investing  and the best storage and fee structures.

Converting your IRA or 401K to physical gold or a gold IRA is easy with Regal Assets. They walk you through every step of transferring or rolling over your retirement plan, with:

  • No hassles.

  • No stacks of paperwork.

  • No endless phone calls or questions.

Regal Assets has also been promoted in top magazines such as Smart Money, Forbes, Inc. 500, Market Watch, Bloomberg Businessweek, Reuters, The Street, and The Reporter.


To make sure that any potential investors are well educated on the precious metals market before making a big commitment, Regal Assets offers a free gold investment kit to help you make a informed decision.

Requesting a gold investment kit wont cost you anything, and will demonstrate the great value that Regal Assets has to offer.

Still have questions?

Let Regal Assets give you clarity and earn your trust.

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